Sunday, January 24, 2010

Deep in the Forest - Green Garnet, Green Opal, Prehnite and Silver Jasper bracelet

I finally managed to get a few outstanding projects done and ta-da here is one of them.

Where to start with this one??How about the middle? An 1.75 x .75 inch Green Garnet flat nugget is the focal of this piece. It is flanked by Sterling Silver bali beads on either side, followed by square Green Opals, smooth Prehnite rounds and last but not least Silver Jasper cubes.
The Green Garnet made me think of deep in the forest, brimming with lush green life. Tiny facetted Brown Tourmaline rounds add a hint of the browns that can be seen in the forest. Tiny smooth Peridot rounds add another element of green.
Once the bracelet started coming to life, small forest critters started to make their way onto it. A turtle and frog occupy the place of honor in the middle. A bee and a butterfly have also stopped in.
Clasp is a Sterling Silver set of leaves to complete the forest theme. Bracelet has been wire wrapped with many feet of hair-thin Fine Silver wire.

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